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AISLive's Shipwatch Services

Monitor ship/fleet positions and receive automatic alert notifications

Included as part of a subscription to AISLive's online ship tracking tool

  • Overview
  • WatchLists
  • Alerts

AISLive enables you to track live ship positions with unrivalled AIS coverage, analyse risk profiles of ships entering your waters and watch the global flow of commodities across the waters.

AISlive's ShipWatch is a fully automated service that constantly monitors an individual ships current AIS position and compares this with the zone area of your selection. Once a selected ship enters this zone area it automatically triggers an email alert advising its current position.

ShipWatch Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiency by optimising service staff scheduling
  • Easily keep track of ship positions and changes in schedule
  • Identifying new business opportunities coming into your port
  • Identify and analyse ships trading in high risk areas
  • Add notes to ships
  • Export WatchList into Excel

Track ships of interest

AISlive allows you to add ships of interest to a WatchList. Users can then set up and manage a range of email alert services for ships in a WatchList. The quotas on alerts are maintained by the WatchList and easily managed.


  • Easily add or remove ships to a Watchlist
  • Apply filter on map to only show Watchlist
  • Set up a range of email alerts for a WatchList

Fully automated Ship Alerting Service

AISLive provides automatic ship alerting via email which will notify you when a ship enters a port or area of interest and inform on latest arrival, departure and itinerary changes.

The alert message is available in both a simple text and html format and is therefore suitable to be sent to any PC or other device capable of receiving email messages. The html format also clearly displays the ships position on a chart of the local area.

Alerts Services

  • Itinerary Change Alerts
    Be notified when the crew change the destination or time of arrival on their transponder
  • Zone Alerts
    Be notified when a ship enters a certain area. Zones can be created anywhere between 2 and 160 nautical miles
  • Port Arrival Alerts
    Be notified when a ship arrives at a port
  • Daily Noon Report Alerts
    Be notified on the latest positions and information of ships in your WatchList

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