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Sea-web™ Casualties

Comprehensive Vessel Casualty Database

Search 113,000+ non-serious and serious vessel casualty incidents.

  • Overview
  • Search Features

Sea-web™ - Casualty Module

The casualty database is available as an additional module with a subscription to Sea-web™ Ships. This module enables you to view a vessels casualty history or search for a casualty incident by a number of combined criteria. The module includes an extensive search facility and covers over 113,000+ non-serious and serious casualties, as well as total losses and demolitions, providing information on the incident itself, date, location, casualty group, severity and number of crew killed/missing.

Casualty Search

The Casualty Search screen provides a facility for searching on single or multiple fields . The facility includes options to search by incident number or ship name, as well as having more complex search capabilities for the incident dates, severity, conditions, ship details and locations.

Casualty Search Functions

  • LR/IMO Ship number
  • Current name
  • Range search for casualty date
  • Range search for number killed and number missing
  • Total loss or disposal indicator
  • Date of build
  • Tonnages
  • Flag
  • Shiptype
  • Conditions and actions
Casualty Details

  • Ship Name at Time of Incident
  • Date and Incident Type
  • Ship Details
  • Incident Details
  • Voyage Details
  • Event details
  • Other Ships Involved
  • Casualty Location
  • Disposal Details

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