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Connect your port or area to AISLive's global network

AISLive's easy to install kit will provide you with your own traffic image.
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  • Why connect with AISLive?
  • Installation Kit
  • Technical Requirements

AISLive is the trusted Source for tracking the world's trading fleet

Find a ship. Track where she's heading. Track where she's been. Live and historic ship movement information your business can rely on. Accurate ship, port and company data from the world's leading provider of maritime information.

State of the art mapping tool
AISLive delivers dynamic, interactive chart technology with:

  • Multiple layered maps
  • 16 levels of zoom to berth
  • Alert and bespoke zones services
  • Exportable WatchList with notes
  • 197 Ship type filters
  • Extensive information on 14,000+ ports & terminals
  • Accurate, reliable and verifiable data
  • Dynamic real time intelligence report
  • Measuring tools

The AISLive installation kit provides the highest quality equipment required for adding a new station to the AIS network

All that is required locally is a power source, an outdoor location to place the VHF antenna and a permanent connection to the Internet. With pre- programmed hardware, assistance from our dedicated support team and easy to follow guides, installation is simple. Once connected, the received information will be displayed on AISLive

Kit includes

  • AIS Receiver
  • Cardiod Array Antenna
  • DIGI One SP RS-232
  • Free banner advertisement on your local chart
  • Free Lifetime access to the system
  • Station Support Service
  • AIS Expert Customer Support Team

Local Requirements:

  • VHF antenna need to be placed outside on a high vantage point in the area of interest. 30 metres mast height above sea level would typically give you 30 nautical miles of coverage. The higher the antenna is placed, the better the coverage range will be.
  • A 24-hour/7 days a week local broadband/ADSL Internet connection
  • Power socket

Technical Specifications:

RX Carbon Receiver
Dimensions: Length 120mm, Width: 80mm
Weight: 0.5kg
Connectors: BNC

Cardiod Array Antenna
Length: 1500mm, Width (at widest point) 760mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Brackets: 5kg
Connectors: N connector male BNC

Do you have your own AIS hardware and like to connect?
If so please contact us to discuss how to connect your station to our network.