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AISLive Ship Tracking

Deep sea, offshore and shore-based ship tracking

Combined satellite and terrestrial ship tracking solutions for your business.
Accurate ship, port and company data from the world's leading provider of maritime information.

  • Overview
  • Coverage
  • Online Mapping Tool
  • Alerting Services
  • How AISLive can help
  • Data Quality

Deep sea, offshore and shore based vessel tracking

AISLive is the industry's original online software for tracking real-time ship movements through a global Automatic Identification System (AIS).

AISLive's user friendly mapping tool with multiple layered maps and filtering by 169 ship types provides greater visibility and easy navigation.

Key Features include:

  • Automated Five-day Weather Forecast
  • IMO Ship Track, back to 2005
  • MMSI Ship Track, back 60 days
  • 190+ data filters including ship type, destination, ETA, draught and speed
  • Satellite and terrestrial coverage
  • Verified IHS ship data
  • Comprehensive IHS port information
  • Multiple layered maps
  • Ship Track History
  • Real Time Intelligence Reports
  • Ship watch service for WatchList and alerts
  • Ship watch service for port movements
  • Distance Tables Module

AISLive Network Coverage

AISLive was the first global AIS (Automatic Identification System) network and continues to provide an online application with access to real time ship movements. Our growing network coverage extends from Europe to North America, the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Far East. AISlive Premium provides live global port callings data that includes satellite data.

Our network coverage continues to expand by a dedicated team tasked with growing the network and the quality of service. We are adding more antenna stations all the time.

Please contact us if you are interested in connecting your port or area to the AISLive network

Multiple layered online mapping tool

AISlive uses dynamic interactive chart technology that has revolutionised the service. With 4 different map views AISLive users can select the mapping charts of choice. Users can clearly idetify high/low areas of traffic density and view ports, tanker and dry cargo berths on the map.

Map options include:

  • C-Map - by Jeppesen, vector-based charts offer unrivalled navigational details
  • Road Maps - Vector imagery of roads enhancing the naming of places
  • Satellite – Satellite map view
  • Composite 3 Maps - Combining Satellite & Road Map & C-Map

Monitor ship/fleet positions and receive automatic alert notifications

AISlive's ShipWatch is a fully automated service that constantly monitors an individual ships current AIS position and compares this with the zone area of your selection. Once a selected ship enters this zone area it automatically triggers an email alert advising its current position.

Using Itinerary alerts be notified immediatley when a ship has changed its destination or estimated time of arrival.

The ShipWatch service is included with AISLive, quotas depend upon subscription levels.

AISlive Premium enables you to gain a competitive edge by increasing:

  • Operational Efficiency:
    Follow your fleets' global movements including deep sea coverage to keep track of their routes, speeds and arrival times.

  • Domain Awareness
    Extensive awareness of all ships movements in your domain, providing greater visibility of ships sailing in your waters.

  • Identifying Movement Trends & New Business Opportunities
    Using the deep sea movements get a clear picture of global movements to identify trends and competitor positions.

  • Risk Analysis Capabilities
    Identify and watch ships that could be a security risk in your waters. Using the bespoke zones and alerts around targeted areas to ensure a ship does not contravene its agreed trading zone.

Verified data from IHS Maritime & Trade’s comprehensive databases

IHS Maritime & Trade's data is researched, analysed and collated by our team of experts ensuring you have access to the most accurate and timely ship information. AISLive is easily linked to Sea-web, the ultimate reference tool for maritime professionals.

IHS Maritime & Trade holds the largest maritime ships database in the world. We are the sole appointed authority for assigning and validating the IMO Ship and Company numbers. This gives us a primary position in the market place. Our data department is staffed with over 75 personnel around the world.

We maintain our core competency by assessing the quality of data transformation against four dimensions:

  • Correctness: Validating data accuracy relative to external reference points
  • Currency: Delivering new and updated content in a timely manner.
  • Completeness: Providing the right data attributes and analysis.
  • Consistency: Ensuring standardized identities, definitions, and content across databases.