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About IHS Maritime & Trade

The Leading Source of Maritime & Trade Insight

With a legacy of over 250+ years, IHS is the leading source of critical maritime and trade insight, enabling organizations, policy makers and security professionals to navigate today’s complex trading environment.

Successfully managing inter-connected global supply chains requires a detailed understanding of continually evolving patterns of international trade flows, and with over 90% of international trade being transported by ship, success requires an in-depth understanding of the shipping industry.

  • Maritime Solutions
  • Trade & Energy Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Research & Analysis,
    Insight & Consulting

IHS provide a wide range of maritime solutions that include:

  • Bespoke Data Services: Ships, companies, AIS movements, ports, news & insight, ship images.
  • Ships Expected
  • Vessel Movement Service
  • Sea-web - Maritime Database Tool
  • AISLive - Online Fleet and Vessel Tracking
  • World Register of Ships
  • World Shipping Encyclopaedia
  • Lloyd's Register of Ships
  • Ports and Terminals Guide
  • List of Shipowners & Managers
  • Statistical Reports
  • Newbuildings News

IHS provide a wide range of trade and energy solutions that include:

  • Global Trade Atlas
  • Market Intelligence Network (MINT)
  • Market LNG Trader Module
  • World Trade Service (WTS)
  • Waterbourne Energy
  • Waterbourne Live
  • Waterbourne LNG / LPG Reports
  • Rail Resource

Commercial and Military Ship intelligence

  • Vessel Selection System (VSS)
  • World Register of Ships

Maritime & Trade's analysts provide expertise and industry insight:

Research & Analysis

  • Fleet Capacity Forecast
  • Movements Plus
  • Movements Plus 48


  • JOC.com - Journal of Commerce
  • Fairplay
  • Safety at Sea
  • Dredging & Port Construction


  • Port & Maritime Strategy
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Economic Development & Market Planning
  • Site Selection & Feasibility

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