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In order to provide you with more personalized and responsive services, we need to remember and store information about how you use this site. This is done using small text files called "cookies." Cookies contain small amounts of information and are downloaded to your computer or other device by a website server. Your web browser then sends these cookies back to the website on each subsequent visit so that it can recognize you and remember things about you, such as your user preferences. You can find more detailed information about cookies and how they work at

Whenever you use this site, information may be collected through the use of cookies and other technologies. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies as described in this notice.

What cookies are used and why?

We use cookies on this site in three main ways:

First, we use functional cookies to enable you to move around the site and use its features such as accessing secure areas (e.g., content for registered users). These cookies also allow us to remember your user preferences and to generally tailor the site to you (e.g., to remember your language or region or whether you have already completed a survey). The information gained through the use of functional cookies is anonymous and is not used for any other purpose.

Second, we or our service providers also use performance cookies and web beacons to help us understand how effective our content is, what interests our users and to improve how the site works. This information is used for statistical purposes only and is not used to personally identify any user. However, if a user has registered and signed into our site, or filled out a form for additional information, we may combine this information with information from our web analytic services and cookies to analyze how you use the site in more detail.

Finally, we use ad serving cookies and web beacons to serve ads and manage our online advertising when you visit our site and sites upon which we advertise. The information collected and used by this technology is not personally identifiable.

This site does not use targeting cookies to deliver targeted advertising to site visitors.

How to control cookies?

You can control and manage cookies in various ways. Please bear in mind that removing or blocking cookies can impact on your user experience and parts of the site may no longer be fully accessible.

Browser controls

Most browsers will allow you to see what cookies you have and delete them on an individual basis or block cookies from particular or all sites. Be aware that any preference set will be lost if you delete all cookies, including your preference to opt-out from cookies as this itself requires an opt-out cookie to have been set. For more information on how to modify your browser settings to block or filter cookies, see or Cookie Central.

Managing analytics cookies

You can opt-out of having your anonymized browsing activity within websites recorded by analytics cookies. Commonly used service providers are listed below. You can learn more about their privacy policies and how to opt-out of their cookies by clicking on following links:

Adobe SiteCatalyst
Google Analytics
Google Advertising, including DoubleClick

Social buttons

We use 'social buttons' to enable our users to share or bookmark web pages. These are buttons for third party social media sites and these sites may log information about your activities on the Internet, including on our site. Please review the respective terms of use and privacy policies of these sites to understand exactly how they use your information and to find out how to opt-out, or delete, such information by clicking on following link: AddThis

External web services

We sometimes use external web services on our site to display content within our web pages. For example, to display images, show videos and run polls. As with the social buttons we cannot prevent these sites, or external domains, from collecting information on your use of this embedded content.

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