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Sea-web™ Ship Owners

Comprehensive Fleet Ownership Information

Over 240,000+ maritime company records with seven levels of group and operational ownership including shipowners, managers, operators and shipbuilders.

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Sea-web™ - Online Register of Ships

The ownership database is available with a subscription to Sea-web Ships. Sea-web™ is an easy-to-use service that provides a range of search capabilities, from simple look-ups through to complex database queries. It displays results in a powerful grid which includes sort, group and find features, with the option to export data.

Sea-web™ combines comprehensive data on ships, owners, shipbuilders, fixtures, casualties, port state control, ISM, real-time vessel movements and ports information into a single application.

Key Features

  • 197,000+ ships of 100 GT and above
  • 240,000+ company records including owners, operators, manager and builders
  • 7 levels of group and operational ownership
  • Complete shipbuilder information with fleet listings
  • Extensive ship image library
  • Powerful query, reporting and export functions
  • Updated daily by our expert data analyst team

Obtain business critical information quickly and simply

Sea-web is used across the industry by a range of maritime professionals including marine equipment companies, marine insurance, ship brokers, shipowners, shipbuilders, port services and oil majors.

Sea-web enables you to:

  • Use the maritime database to analyze trends, risks and identify new business opportunities
  • Access critical information on shipowners, builders, movements, fixtures, casualty, ports and maritime companies
  • Receive data directly from a validated source. IHS Maritime is the sole global issuing body of the IMO Ship, Company and Registered Owner numbering system
  • Gain a competitive advantage by using the most accurate, current and comprehensive data available
  • To evaluate chartering risks relating to tonnage
  • To identify sales/marketing leads
  • To determine market size and to assess competitors
  • To market products where ships are being built
  • To evaluate potential risk based on ownership, class, previous casualty and detention history

Identify every propelled seagoing merchant ship of 100 GT and above

IHS Maritime holds the largest maritime ships database in the world. Ships information provides users with detailed data on over 197,000+ ships of 100 GT and above include ships on order and under construction, the current trading fleet, casualty, lost or broken up ships.

IHS Maritime data has been the industry benchmark since 1764 and is unrivalled in breadth, depth and quality.

Our data is researched, analysed and collated by our team of experts ensuring you have access to the most accurate and timely ship information.

The IHS Maritime data department is responsible for the maintenance of current ship registration, technical and ownership details, as well as coverage of newbuildings, casualty, ship photograph analysis and port facilities.

Our knowledge is retained in-house rather than outsourced to other companies. Within this dedicated workforce are analysts and managers with over 30 years experience in the provision of maritime data; as well as former naval architects, Merchant Navy deck and engine officers and authors of books on merchant shipping.

Enhance your Sea-web subscription

Sea-web Ports, Sea-web Insight and Sea-web Directory can be integrated with Sea-web Ships or available as stand alone solutions.

The following modules can also be added to a Sea-web Ships subscription.

Sea-web Ships Modules:

  • Movements - Extensive real-time and historic ship positions
  • Casualty - Details of non-serious and serious casualties, as well as total losses
  • Fixtures - Details on vessels engaged in international charter markets
  • Credit Reports - Accurate and timely company credit report information and analysis
  • Security - Latest port, security and risk information
  • Autowatch - Create WatchList of ships or companies and set up email update alerts
  • Distance Tables - Access millions of routes for voyage estimation supplied by Veson Nautical
  • Ship Performance - Analyse world trading patterns, market sizing & ship/companies operations
  • Port Disbursements - Commodity information supplied by G-Ports (must be purchased with Sea-web Ports)

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